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BlackDragon Invests in CryptoPunt
BlackDragon Invests in CryptoPunt

BlackDragon Invests in CryptoPunt

BlackDragon, a decentralized fundraising group that specializes in supporting innovative blockchain projects, has invested in CryptoPunt. Incumbent gaming and gambling decentralized applications (Dapps) are marred with poor user experiences and rudimentary technology. CryptoPunt is a disruptive gaming and gambing Dapp that aims to radically improve the experience of blockchain-based gamers.

BlackDragon has dedicated both capital and expertise to help CryptoPunt become the leading gaming and gambling Dapp. BlackDragon will take CryptoPunt through its proven incubation program. The BlackDragon incubation program includes invaluable assistance with marketing efforts. BlackDragon’s expertise in this domain will help CryptoPunt raise its brand awareness and streamline the adoption of users.

Moreover, BlackDragon will publish a research report that explores the market opportunity that CryptoPunt is addressing. Tens of millions in USD transactions are carried out on blockchain-based gaming Dapps daily. The opportunity for next-generation applications in this field is expected to be extremely lucrative with both the online gaming and gambling markets quickly growing. The BlackDragon will dive into these factors and highlight why CryptoPunt is positioning itself to be a leader in the gaming field.

CryptoPunt is thrilled to onboard a strategic partner who shares a common vision for the future of gaming and gambling Dapps. Incumbent gaming Dapps are ripe for disruption. CryptoPunt will bring new possibilities to blockchain-based gamers and BlackDragon will provide key guidance while accomplishing this goal.

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From scaling up businesses from scratch to launching online products, and from balancing client relationship to being a reliable face for the organization, Alex is everything a new-age startup needs. CryptoPunt is delighted to have Alex as its strategic director & CEO!



The role of a technology officer in a tech startup can’t be stressed enough! Fortunately the person handling security, cryptography & maintenance at CryptoPunt is none other than Dan Krusto. Dan has been working on Blockchain, Smart contracts & Ethereum development way before they became mainstream! We’re sure his past experience in the field would be beneficial for Cryptopunt & its users alike.


Creative Director

Gone are the days when Blockchain based gaming was analogous to clunky UI & UX. With Sam honing the creative side of CryptoPunt, her past experience in Fortune 500 companies & startups is bound to match and exceed the GenZ gamers’ expectations!



KVESTOR has always been a visionary and it’s illustrated by the fact that they began accepting Bitcoins way back in 2012! Possessing a bulls-eye intuition for spotting future trends, KVESTOR founded VYSYN ventures in 2015 which since then has been at the forefront of disruptive Blockchain projects. CryptoPunt is looking forward to their valuable mentorship in the future.



Tone is someone who has experienced IT world in its entire length & breadth. From working with Salesforce as a developer and consultant, to taking a dive in online poker websites business and then finally shifting full time to cryptocurrency industry in 2017, few people would be having a diverse career as him. Navigating the seas of crypto gaming market would be cakewalk with Tone at the helm!