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CryptoPunt Highlight Reel — What’s Next?
CryptoPunt Highlight Reel — What’s Next?

CryptoPunt Highlight Reel — What’s Next?

CryptoPunt went live on the 18th of October. In recent months, the development team has been working relentlessly and phenomenal progress has been made as a result of that. CryptoPunt has become the first decentralized gaming platform to bring a selection of provably fair gambling games to the blockchain community. We review the major achievements of CryptoPunt in recent months and highlight what is in the pipeline in the near-term future.

CryptoPunt coordinated a dual listing and mainnet launch on the 18th of October. An IDO for the PUN token was carried out on both the Moonstarter and Polkabridge platforms while a listing also took place on the decentralized exchange Uniswap. With the mainnet launching on the same day, this gave immediate utility to PUN token holders, allowing them to access the versatile features of the CryptoPunt platform. With the launch, CryptoPunt became the first provably fair decentralized gambling platform. Through an integration with the industry-standard oracle solution Chainlink, CryptoPunt was able to ensure to users that each of their gaming options are verifiably fair.

The CryptoPunt development team went through a meticulous planning and implementation process to ensure that the CryptoPunt platform reached the point that it did. The tech stack was carefully considered and went through a rigorous testing process to ensure thorough security. Every feature was optimized on both the frontend and backend to provide a frictionless and easy-to-navigate UX experience. CryptoPunt also added some specific features to enhance the overall experience of users. Customizable gas fees, chatting modalities, and adding friends are all possible on the CryptoPunt platform, making it much more than a gaming platform.

After our product launch, CryptoPunt has no intentions of slowing down. We have several exciting initiatives to further increase the utility and awareness of the next-generation gambling platform.

For example, Robot Miner is lined up to be added to our list of sublime gaming options. Robot Miner will enable users to tap into lucrative earning rewards through a unique game that will only be available on CryptoPunt. The highly anticipated Robot Miner release is scheduled to launch in Q4 of this year. Games are not the only way that CryptoPunt users can tap into lucrative earning opportunities.

PUN staking has been launched on the Polkabridge platform, enabling PUN holders to earn a return for locking up their tokens.

CryptoPunt also aims to make the platform easily accessible and low-cost. Those who hold their PUN tokens in ERC-20 format must transition these tokens to the Polygon network to access the mainnet. CryptoPunt will soon deploy a campaign which selects 100 PUN token holders every week to transition to the Polygon network at no costs!

CryptoPunt also has several exciting developments on the horizon. Play-to-earn gaming has been undergoing exponential growth in Q3 and CryptoPunt has begun extensively researching the development of an NFT-based game that will allow users to tap into further earning opportunities.

We are also further enhancing the current offerings of CryptoPunt by taking the following measures:

  • General improvements will be made to UX, bridging costs, and PUN liquidity on the Polygon network
  • Conducting awareness campaigns to cater to a larger audience through collaborations with streamers and gaming influencers, with marketing to also be deployed on mainstream outlets like Instagram and TikTok
  • In-house staking options which will allow PUN holders to get a share of fees on the platform
  • Further audits for the CryptoPunt storage contracts
  • Transactions which incur no gas costs
  • Development on the Black Jack and Robot Miner games
  • On-chain betting transactions which will record your betting activity on the underlying blockchain
  • Making game logic publicly available and auditable

CryptoPunt is already receiving exemplary feedback from users, but this is only the initial iteration of what will become a leading platform in the blockchain gaming space. With many more features and games lined up to be implemented, CryptoPunt will continue to grow. We will also continue our marketing efforts to ensure that CryptoPunt succeeds in securing a global presence, so expect to see your favorite crypto influencers talking about CryptoPunt as we will also begin marketing campaigns on TikTok and Instagram!

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From scaling up businesses from scratch to launching online products, and from balancing client relationship to being a reliable face for the organization, Alex is everything a new-age startup needs. CryptoPunt is delighted to have Alex as its strategic director & CEO!



The role of a technology officer in a tech startup can’t be stressed enough! Fortunately the person handling security, cryptography & maintenance at CryptoPunt is none other than Dan Krusto. Dan has been working on Blockchain, Smart contracts & Ethereum development way before they became mainstream! We’re sure his past experience in the field would be beneficial for Cryptopunt & its users alike.


Creative Director

Gone are the days when Blockchain based gaming was analogous to clunky UI & UX. With Sam honing the creative side of CryptoPunt, her past experience in Fortune 500 companies & startups is bound to match and exceed the GenZ gamers’ expectations!



KVESTOR has always been a visionary and it’s illustrated by the fact that they began accepting Bitcoins way back in 2012! Possessing a bulls-eye intuition for spotting future trends, KVESTOR founded VYSYN ventures in 2015 which since then has been at the forefront of disruptive Blockchain projects. CryptoPunt is looking forward to their valuable mentorship in the future.



Tone is someone who has experienced IT world in its entire length & breadth. From working with Salesforce as a developer and consultant, to taking a dive in online poker websites business and then finally shifting full time to cryptocurrency industry in 2017, few people would be having a diverse career as him. Navigating the seas of crypto gaming market would be cakewalk with Tone at the helm!