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Spanish La Liga Offers Player NFTs
Spanish La Liga Offers Player NFTs

Spanish La Liga Offers Player NFTs

Blockchain gaming has achieved yet another milestone as one of the top football leagues in the world embarked on NFT implementation. On September 9th, Spain’s La Liga became the first major football league to offer NFTs of all the players within the esteemed football league. With these NFTs, fans will be able to collect, trade, and compete in fantasy leagues.

The implementation by La Liga was achieved in partnership with the French digital soccer collectibles platform Sorare. The implementation will involve NFTs that represent players from the top 20 clubs in Spain, which includes Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletico Madrid, and several others.

In the latest version of The Punters Pick, we detail the recent NFT implementation and highlight the ambitions of Sorare to attract more major leagues. We also consider the new possibilities that these NFTs will bring to fans. But before we highlight the Sorare-La Liga initiative, we present our weekly development update.

CryptoPunt Development Update

The buildout of our next-generation gaming platform continues at a strong pace. CryptoPunt is positioning itself to be a leader in the blockchain gaming space and that means offering gamers both a broad and sublime experience. Over the past week, we have made significant progress on our mobile development, ensuring that CryptoPunt gaming will not be limited to only a desktop experience. We have also made several other updates and refinements.

📱Mobile Development:

  • Continued work on mobile responsiveness from last week.
  • Over the next week, we plan to complete the mobile integration and coordinate a test of its functionality.

🖥️ Other Updates:

  • We have updated our graph which allows third-parties to query data from the CryptoPunt application
  • We have begun to explore token bridging from ERC-20 to Matic
  • We have also updated various smart contracts related to the platform

As we continue towards our alpha release, we will continue to implement further functionality and coordinate tests on our updates. We will always prioritize security and put our features through a rigorous testing process before they are fully rolled out. CryptoPunt users can expect a secure and versatile gaming experience.

A profitable opportunity for football fans

Although La Liga is the first league to licence Sorare, it is not the first major licence in the world of football. Before now, the platform had been licensed to produce NFTs for over 100 top football teams across the world. Real Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain, Liverpool FC, and several other football clubs have already been involved with Sorare.

The startup aims to provide an avenue for participants in the world of football to capitalize on the promise of NFTs and the blockchain industry as a whole. NFTs, which are cryptographically unique tokens, are deployed in a virtual football world, where participants can extract benefits through different avenues, such as trading, and playing tournaments.

The President of La Liga Javier Tebas foresees partnering with Sorare as a way to reach new audiences at the global level. He also believes that this development will enable fans to get involved with the sport in new and interesting ways.

The deal with La Liga is just one among many other deals that are planned by Sorare across the world of football. According to reports, partnerships with the top 20 leagues across the world are in the pipeline by the end of 2022.

Making it easy for users to connect to blockchain games

Using NFTs that are immersed in games has been a significant advancement in the world of blockchain gaming. It has spurred new waves of interest in blockchain-based gaming and has also set the foundation for a wider movement called play-to-earn where players earn cryptocurrency through their gaming activities and convert these earnings into their local currency.

CryptoPunt is one platform that is providing permissionless access to a broad suite of blockchain-based games. They have several play-to-earn games to be released in the later stages of development. These games will allow players to tap into lucrative earning opportunities. Anyone with a Web3 wallet will be able to access and earn in the CryptoPunt gaming platform.

About CryptoPunt

CryptoPunt is a next-generation gaming and gambling Dapp. Underpinned by the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunt is positioning itself to be the leading blockchain-based gaming application. Users can start gaming in less than one minute with no KYC or registration process. CryptoPunt will offer a broad suite of games, including an option that has a virtual world and an in-game economy.

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